01 1 / 2014

I think that one of the coolest things about running 30 races is all the data one has to pick through:  split times, net times, miles covered — it’s awesome.  Below are some of my fav stats from this year. 

Races run:  30

Miles covered: 233.94

States run:  6 and the District of Columbia

There’s something about NorCal.

Race distances covered:

You never forget your first.

  • Marathons:  1
  • Half Marathons:  7
  • 10 Milers:  3
  • 10Ks:  7
  • 5 Milers:  1
  • 8Ks:  2
  • 4 Milers:  1
  • 5Ks:  7
  • 2 Milers:  1

Medals earned:  10

Necklaces cum medals:  2

Little Blue Box — love.

Fastest races by distance:

  • Half marathon:  2:30:58 {net} Rock N Roll USA Half Marathon
  • 10 Miler:  1:52:40 {net} GW Parkway Classic
  • 10K:  59:17 {net} Nike Women’s Half Marathon
  • 8K:  53:40 {net} St. Patrick’s Day 8K
  • 5K:  20:09 {net} Commitment Day 5K

Cherry Blossom win!

First race joy!

What are the race stats your most excited about from 2013?

31 12 / 2013

Today, I ran the 30th race.  As you can imagine I was pretty stoked.  As you probably couldn’t imagine I had to run this my final race after 2 days of excruciating flu.  No matter, I had my bests around and a commitment to fulfill.  Top things about this race:

  1. It was the last one of the year!  That kind of excitement really lends to a speedy and fun race.
  2. I love night races!  There’s something so magical about running at night — like anything is possible.
  3. My favorite people were on hand!!  MB and Msheed came to cheer me on as well as my new work friend and an old work friend.  It was amazing.
  4. There was Mexican food!  Pacers provides pizza after the race but as it was the big race for yours truly, there was Guapos to top the race accomplishment off with cheese and margs.
  5. Glitter from Boston.  AKP sent me some celebratory glitter.  It was pretty fantastic.

As I mentioned, I have NOT been feeling well.  About 1 mile in I wondered if this was such a good idea.  As in stop pretty much dead in my tracks, can’t breathe my stomach hurts so bad I want to go home kind of good idea.  But my Nike+ kept cheering in my ear and I knew that I could do this.  That I could do anything. 

I have so much that I’m thankful for because of these 30 races but not the least of which is you people — all the love and support. 

I have more wrap ups to deliver — pictures, numbers, but let me tell you this I can’t count of wrap up how much my friends and family mean to me.  It’s been an amazing year.  With some amazing races. 

23 12 / 2013

Whew!  I’m so close to being done.  I think that stretching the 30 challenge all the way through the year was a really good idea — the races really keep pace {pun intended} with the seasons which is really fun. 

Apologies for that image of me beasting a burrito post run.  My runger is out of control these days.

Top things about this, my second to last, race:

  1. MCRRC — my new favorite thing this year.  This low key race allowed me to sleep in, roll up right before the race and wait inside.
  2. The course — I ran this one last year with Katie so I knew what to expect.  It’s challenging and fun and beautiful to run through the Rockville neighborhood.
  3. Negative splits — for the most part.  The last mile I was like D-O-N-E done but that was mostly because again I was over dressed
  4. 8K!  There’s something about running 5 miles that makes you feel gangster.
  5. My outfit got so many compliments.  I obvs rocked my red Team Sparkle skirt and a jingle bell (provided).  I got so many “cute skirts” on the course!

Y’all.  This is it.  This time next week I’ll be gearing up for race 30!  I’m so excited!

Did you run a holiday themed race?

09 12 / 2013

This weekend was epic.  This was one of the best races I’ve done in a while.  Mostly because it was in Pittsburgh and my race support team was awesome. 

Top things:

  1. I’ve tried to volunteer for Girls on the Run for two years but the schedule has never worked for me.  I was so excited when I would be in town and this race was going on!
  2. It was in Pittsburgh, my happy place!
  3. My mom and MB tagged along for the drive to the park and they also weathered the freezing temps.
  4. It was so an inspiration run.  It was so cool to see tons of little girls enjoying something that I absolutely love to do.  There was so much excitement and I just loved it.
  5. There was a cute little medal.  I’m really into the bling right now {Disney spoiled!} and I was so pumped to get another piece for my rack!

After the super freezing race, MB, mom and I headed to Eat N Park to warm up with french toast and hot chocolates.  Then we managed to get stuck in Pittsburgh in the terrible snow and ice.  All in all it was huge race win!

Only two more to go!  How was your run this weekend!

20 11 / 2013

Y’all.  This was my last runDisney race!  It was my last half marathon of the year!  It was also the last race this year where I’d get a medal.  And oh what a race it was!!

Top things!

  1. runDisney — DUH!  As usual this glorious evening race was well run and organized.  
  2. The course!  As you know I heart me some Tower of Terror 10 Miler. And you also know that I ran this half marathon back at the inaugural debut.  Clearly, I’ve forgotten how awesome it is to run through Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios (Osborne Lights, anyone?!) and EPCOT — at NIGHT!  The course was really amazing and did not disappoint me at ALL.
  3. My new running friends!  I met my awesome college friend Sarah in WDW for this race and in tow she had all the amazing women from her family. I got to meet and run with Kim and Therese who were both so much and seriously such a joy to do this race with!  I also ran into Brandi who was finishing up her 52nd race this year (!!!) which puts my 30 to SHAME.  We met up at a critical time in the race for both of us and I’m so happy that we found each other!
  4. Running my own race {with Therese}!  My new running friend, T, had been having a rough couple of weeks before the race and wanted to take it easy.  Rather than push her, our running group made a plan and stuck to it.  The fasties were off {and tried to meet up with us multiple times on the course — bless them!!} and T and I stuck together THE WHOLE RACE.  I can’t really stress how important this is for running morale especially when you’re running with someone else:  make a plan — COMMUNICATE THAT PLAN and your race goals to your partner or team and then STICK TO IT.  Everyone crossed the finish line with tons of happy faces and the medal.  No injuries and no hurt feelings and it was awesome.
  5. God, I love Disney World.  As you can see from the photos below we had 0 fun.






I can’t believe that’s it — runDisney for my 30 races in 2013 is OVER.  I seriously feel like I might cry.  Thank GOD I confirmed our race weekend for the half marathon in January.

Were you at Wine and Dine?  How was it?

04 11 / 2013

I love local races.  This one did not disappoint!

Top things:

  1. Proximity to home!  I was an HOUR early for this race.  It was so close to our house that I did not under any circumstances need to be there so early.  Because I had time to kill I got most of our grocery shopping for the week done, though.  Double win.
  2. 10K!  Such a fun distance — challenging enough to be proud of but not long enough to ruin your morning.  I was done running in my car and home with bagels AND Starbucks by 10:20 AM!
  3. Fall! Oh the colors and the brisk morning, it was perfect.
  4. MCRRC!  So organized, awesome and professional.  They are the MD equivalent to Pacers!
  5. Great run!  I was averaging 9:30/min miles for the first 5K.  I was tired and still recovering from the car accident on Friday (ugh) so I tapped the breaks and took it easy.  I am proud that I’m finally getting my speed back!

I’m so excited to be so close to finishing my challenge!  Next up is one of my fav races of all time!  Dinsey’s Wine and Dine Half Marathon!

02 11 / 2013

This race was a pick up because I’m missing 4 {!!!} races that were previously on my schedule.  Yikes.  So, to make it up, I’m picking up some races through my local running club — mostly for free {thank goodness!}  This race did not disappoint!

Top things:

  1. Low key!  Part of the racing series with the race club is that they are particularly low key.  You up, get signed up and that’s it — off you go!
  2. MB!  I love when MB is there with me cheering me on, snapping pictures.  It’s pretty great.
  3. Post race oreos!  YUM, enough said.
  4. A great course.  The Matthew Henson Trail is scenic and DOWNHILL.  Hooray.
  5. Dude 5Ks.  I think I need to race more 5K.  30 minutes and DONE!

Pretty happy, obvs!

Have you run any outstanding, local races recently?

30 10 / 2013

The Tower Ten Miler is by far my favorite runDisney race {I’ll let you know for sure after next year when I FINALLY run the WDW 1/2!}. 

Top things about this year’s race:

  1. My family!  Everyone was on hand to cheer me on.  After the 5K my mom said:  I have so much respect  for the running you do!  It was so flattering and sweet.  It was amazing to have them there again.
  2. runDisney upgrades on the race!  Last year, as the inaugural running, a lot of runners had problems with the course.  I actually found it totally find but the improvements this year {better lighting, better finisher’s chute} were an added bonus.  I feel like there was more on course entertainment which I adored {there was a spooky Steelers goblin.  Obviously a nod to their dying season!}  My mom, dad and MB could also access the finish line easily from DHS so that they could see me crossing the line.  With the finisher’s chute being redirected to the front of the park, the food stations were much less crowded which made meeting up with my fam so much easier this year.
  3. The Disney Hollywood Villain’s Bash!  We stayed later for the party this year and thankfully there was no barfing on any of the rides!  We breezed onto ToT and Rockin’ Roller Coaster, ate and saw some characters.  We had been up since 5 AM {the previous morning} so we called it a night at about 1 AM.  If I had a nap, I think I would definitely stay longer!
  4. 10 Miles!  It’s my favorite distance.  Not too far, not too short.  It was hotter than Hades again this year so I took it WAY easy and ran my own race.  I had so much fun, a great soundtrack bumping and absolutely no tummy or hip issues.  I seriously had such a great race.  I finished smiling and ready to party!
  5. Team runDisney!  I was so excited to meet up with some of my runDisney teammates. I got to meet so many of my online friends in real life:  Heather, Krissy and Alex!!!!  It completely made my race weekend!
  6. THE FOOD!  We FINALLY had Tonga Toast post race and we hit up California Grill to celebrate MB’s big 3-0.  It was really a highlight for all of us!

I am so excited for next year’s race!  I literally cannot wait for February to roll around to register!

Did you run the Tower 10 Miler?  How was it!?

14 10 / 2013

This was the second running of this little race and my second time on the course.  It is by far my favorite 5K!  So happy it was part of my 30 this year!



Top things about this race:

  1. It was my mom and dad’s first race ever! While I was on race 23 it was so fun to be with them.
  2. runDisney.  I think next year, when I’m only trying to run you know 15-20 races, they might be the only races I’m signed up for.  The race was so fun with so many spooky, villain-y characters on the course.  There was even Prince John and the Sheriff of Nottingham!  MB and I had just watched Robin Hood so we were so excited. The course is so gorgeous — set at the ESPN Wide World of sports, it’s off road and through the beautiful woods.  It is by far one of my favorite courses.
  3. My OUTFIT!  This was the first race I’ve done where I’d dressed up beyond a tutu.  I picked up an awesome red Team Sparkle Skirt (where I met Krissy!!), a Raw Threads Here Comes the Queen tank and my Minnie Ears.  It was so much fun.  I felt awesome.
  4. By race, I obviously mean walk.  Since Jan and Paul were part of our racing entourage, we did a 16 min mile walk to our medals.  It was really, really nice to take it super easy before the 10 miler that evening.
  5. ALEX!!  I finally met one of my online BRFs, Alex.  She was a course monitor at mile 2.96.  I literally leaped into her arms.  It was my favorite part of the race.  Oh and the medals.  That was cool, too.

Were you in WDW for the Tower of Terror 10 Miler weekend?  Did you participate in this super happy and fun 5K?

30 9 / 2013

This weekend was EPIC.  MB and I hightailed it to Pittsburgh for homecoming with our very very best friends.  We ate delicious Mexican, saw our Panthers actually win a game.  And then I ran the Great Grace — Pittsburgh’s 10K.

Top things about this race:

  1. Being home for the big event!  Fun fact:  The Great Race (5K) was the first race I ever pinned a bib on for, ever.  It was really great to be able to include it in the 30 races this year. 
  2. Jeff and Jenn.  I met up — for the first time — with my Team Run Disney pal, Jeff who is awesome.  He’s a pretty serious runner with a lot of speed in him.  But he stayed with me the whole time, coaching my through my first long run in almost 14 days.  Almost halfway through we met up with my sorority sister, Jenn, and we completed the race as an awesome threesome!
  3. MB.  Seriously.  I want to give Mark some sort of medal or plaque for putting up with all these races.  This one was probably the most stressful, so he definitely is going to get some sort of extra t shirt, candy, cookie at the next big event.
  4. Post race smiley cookies.  I think by now everyone knows my extreme love of eatn parks smile cookies.  That was seriously the highlight of the post race experience.

I have to say that overall I was pretty disappointed with the Great Race.  The parking situation downtown was a nightmare, the buses were packed, the starting line was mobbed, the FINISH line was mobbed.  It was rough goings.

Also, it was really really hot which is no one’s fault.  And I was way over dressed, which was my fault.  I did not run a good race but I did have fun which is all that matters.

Were you one of 15,500 that toed the line this weekend in Pittsburgh?